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Urban Control and IoTerop Win BearingPoint IoT Business Hub Smart Lighting Award

London, UK & Paris, France, Monday October 24th 2022 - Urban Control, the solution provider creating intelligent devices based on IoT open standards, and IoTerop, supplier of innovative security and device management solutions for massive IoT Deployments, today announced that they have been named winners of the BearingPoint IoT Business Hub Smart Lighting award.

BearingPoint is a multinational management and technology consulting firm and,

since 2019, the awards have become the leading annual meeting of IoT players in France at which BearingPoint honours, the most outstanding connected services.

Urban Control and IoTerop have partnered to develop an innovative plug & play streetlight solution that makes any light in a city instantly smart, which in turn can reduce emissions, creating savings on energy, and cut costs.

“With more than 200,000 smart IoT devices deployed, we are already delivering average energy savings of 75% for the streetlight networks of our clients,” said Mark Cooper, Solutions Manager at Urban Control. “This win is a testament to all of the hard work our teams have put in over the last few years, and we are absolutely delighted to have won this prestigious award.”

Urban Control offers an end-to-end solution, including the hardware, to customers such as city councils or regional authorities, with IoTerop enabling remote provision, configuration, data collection, and device monitoring through a Cloud Platform while ensuring their security and firmware updates over time.

“Our vision is to enable companies to adopt IoT systems at a massive scale with our easy-to-use and affordable products. To be recognised by the IoT Hub is testament to the huge development effort we’ve undertaken and the progress we’ve made,” said Hatem Oueslati, CEO at IoTerop.

About Urban Control

Urban Control provides solutions to make infrastructure assets intelligent. That means streetlights that sense their environment and adapt to citizen's needs, rail stations that guide people safely to their destination, and sensors that monitor the safety and condition of highway assets. We do all this with a portfolio of solutions built on proven future-proofed technologies. We're part of DW Windsor, a leading British lighting manufacturer and innovator. For more information, visit:

About IoTerop

IoTerop is an award-winning software company dedicated to helping organizations build efficient IoT solutions. Its embedded technology allows customers to put their smart streetlights, smart meters, asset tracking, and industrial safety and security devices online quickly, without hiring a team of developers. IoTerop’s cloud-based device management platform allows customers to control all of their IoT devices at once, and offers state-of-the-art security and firmware updates. For more information visit:


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