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Traffic planning for better air quality

We help the City of London make informed decisions on road planning to improve urban air quality.

Traffic planning for better air quality


Make the right planning decisions to improve air quality in the city.


Measure traffic parameters and air quality within a single system interface to understand and quantify the problem.

Helping the City of London to clear the air

Air pollution is a problem that is inherent to any large city, yet there are some spots where the problem is particularly acute. The City of London was eager to tackle one of these notorious spots, Beech Street tunnel in the Barbican area next to residential buildings. The City of London need to quantify the air quality problem and identify the underlying causes to a granular level in order to make the right decision for managing the traffic allowed to go through the tunnel.

The City of London has a streetlight management system deployed by Urban Control, so it was natural to leverage UrbanMaster to collect the data provided by traffic monitors and an air quality index monitor that Urban Control has integrated into the City of London’s instance of UrbanMaster. The solution Urban Control has developed enables the City of London to correlate the impact on air quality of traffic flow differentiated by type of vehicle.

UrbanMaster with Itron
Traffic monitoring camera
Air Quality index monitor

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