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Urban Control and City of London Corporation Win Itron Innovator Award

City of London Corporation Recognised at Itron Inspire 2022 for Addressing Real-World Challenges of Climate Disruption

Urban Control, the solution provider that creates intelligent devices based on IoT open standards, announced that their customer City of London Corporation (City Corporation) has been named as the winner of the 2022 Itron Innovator Award for proactively addressing the City’s pressing needs related to climate disruption and disaster recovery.

The award, presented at the Itron Inspire 2022 conference in Florida, recognises the City Corporation and Urban Control taking advantage of Itron’s partner enablement programs to deliver a breakthrough solution that solves challenges in energy and water efficiencies and smart communities. The City Corporation collaborated with Urban Control to utilise the existing smart streetlight communications network along with IIoT sensors and smart applications to gather and analyse data to help determine the best way to manage and prepare for severe weather events before they become catastrophic. The project is being carried out as part of the City Corporation’s Climate Action Strategy.

Urban Control worked with Itron and the City Corporation to identify new IoT applications and solutions that can be added to the City’s existing industrial IoT (IIoT) mesh network canopy, including temperature, humidity and soil moisture sensors. Upon deployment, the sensors will monitor trends over the next 20 years to identify whether interventions, such as sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) and urban greening of “heat islands”, could help to avoid disruptive temperatures and flooding of the City’s streets. Ongoing monitoring of street temperatures and soil moisture will help reduce the costs of maintenance and irrigation and provide real-time data to help the City Corporation evaluate which climate resilience interventions are the most effective in the face of severe weather patterns.

“The City of London Corporation is very deserving of the Itron Innovator Award. The collaboration between Itron, Urban Control, the City Corporation and other community stakeholders is an excellent example of how diverse groups can come together to address the evolving needs and challenges of communities across the globe. It is also a great example of the power of Itron’s extensive partner ecosystem,” said Ben Huggins, senior vice president of Customer and Market Experience at Itron.

“We are delighted to have been recognised with this award for our work alongside our customer, the City of London Corporation. This deployment is a fantastic example of using technology for sustainability, another exciting use case for IoT applications. It highlights the flexibility of the Wi-Sun wireless network for towns and cities, who have invested in street lighting control and want to enhance the development of IoT sensors in urban areas quickly and cost-effectively,” said Mark Cooper, Solutions Manager at Urban Control.

“We are pleased to be recognised for our work with Urban Control on this innovative sensor network, which will help the City of London avoid disruption from climate change-related weather events such as flooding, heatwaves, and drought. This scheme forms part of the City Corporation’s ambitious Climate Action Strategy, which commits us to achieving net zero carbon emissions for our own operations by 2027 and supporting the achievement of net zero for the City as a whole by 2040,” said Keith Bottomley, Chairman of the City of London Corporation's Port Health & Environmental Services Committee.

The Itron Innovator Award recognises a utility or city customer that has leveraged Itron’s partner enablement programs to deploy a breakthrough solution. The solution demonstrates an Itron customer’s use of ecosystem tools and services such as development kits and innovation challenges or the customer’s selection of a partner that has done so. Additionally, the solution has been successfully integrated with Itron technology and utilises Itron’s networks, software solutions or distributed intelligence capabilities. Past winners include CPS Energy in 2021 and Western Power in 2020. Itron’s vibrant partner ecosystem is essential in delivering innovative industrial IoT solutions to create a more resourceful world. With Itron’s ecosystem, cities and utilities are taking advantage of Itron’s partner network to deliver best-in-class solutions for today’s challenges such as improved operations and resource efficiency, enhanced safety and smart connected communities. To learn more about the Itron partner enablement programs, visit


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