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Connected Places

We work with cities and local authorities to help create a better, safer and more enjoyable living environment. With our solutions cities and local authorities find the perfect balance providing the right street lighting in the right place whilst saving energy cost as well as carbon footprint and light pollution.

Our solutions help join the dots between different sensors such as air quality index monitors, weather stations, noise level sensors, road and traffic sensors. This enables the optimization of mobility for environment and fluidity as well as improving city centre experience for pedestrians.

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Our Central Management System (CMS) platform uses street lighting infrastructure to communicate data via nodes attached to the luminaire, allowing you to control a portfolio of city assets. The vast array of data that can be captured and reported means our customers are able to make intelligent decisions about how they manage their asset portfolio, enabling them to save energy, increase safety and reduce their maintenance costs.

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Traffic planning for better air quality

We help the City of London make informed decisions on road planning to improve urban air quality.

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Traffic adaptive lighting for streets and highways

We help County Councils save energy and reduce light pollution without compromising road safety.

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