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Connected Highways

We work with authorities managing roadways to help them optimise their asset utilisation by reducing operational costs and improving availability.

Our solutions are using live data streams that we collect on behalf of our customers and curate so that our customers can implement the right decisions to get the best results for safety, operational costs and user experience.

Whether you want to reduce energy consumption whilst maintaining road safety or you want to modulate the streetlighting based on traffic needs we have proven solutions that we can deploy.

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Our Central Management System (CMS) platform uses connected street lighting infrastructure to control a portfolio of highways assets. The vast array of data that can be captured and reported means our customers are able to make intelligent decisions about how they manage their asset portfolio, enabling them to save energy, increase safety and reduce their maintenance costs.

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Traffic adaptive lighting for streets and highways

We help County Councils save energy and reduce light pollution without compromising road safety.

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Concrete road condition monitoring

We help Highways England maintain concrete roads and pavements with integrated condition and traffic monitoring.

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