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Concrete road condition monitoring

We help Highways England maintain concrete roads and pavements with integrated condition and traffic monitoring.

Concrete road condition monitoring


Form a picture of the state of sections of concrete road for maintenance purposes.


Integrate relevant sensors, collect and bring the data streams together ready for analysis.


Legacy concrete roads represent 4% of the Highways England strategic road network, with no less than 1,297km of lanes. The replacement programme to phase out concrete pavement is going to take decades and the objective is to ensure that the pavement condition is scientifically monitored to enable it to be kept in good condition.

Urban Control has designed a solution integrating a concrete sensor, a traffic monitoring camera to determine the flow of traffic by vehicle type, a road temperature sensor and a weather station to determine the climate impact on the pavement and a noise sensor to monitor the condition of the road surface.

Collecting this data enables Highways England to pave the way towards predictive maintenance of the concrete pavement and reduce the impact of maintenance in terms of costs and disruption to traffic.

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