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Connected Places

Urban Control

Connected Spaces

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Urban Control provides solutions to make infrastructure assets intelligent. That means streetlights that sense their environment and adapt to citizen's needs, rail stations that guide people safely to their destination, and sensors that monitor the safety and condition of highway assets.

Urban control does all this with a portfolio of solutions built on proven future-proofed technologies. We're part of the DW Windsor Group, a leading British lighting manufacturer and innovator.

Proven Expertise

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Connected Places

We work with cities and local authorities to monitor and control assets such as street lighting, traffic and air quality. Our solutions save money, reduce carbon and make the urban environment a better place.

Connected Highways

We work with highways operators to remotely monitor and control vital assets. Our solutions include monitoring the condition of road surfaces and of concrete structures, to ensure safety and optimise repair work.

Connected Transport

We work with rail operators to make stations adapt automatically to the needs of passengers. We provide assistance and alerts, dynamic wayfinding and nudge behaviour to make stations safer and more efficient.

We build solutions for you

At Urban Control we take an integrated approach to the adoption of smart technologies; we believe that by joining up the dots across your infrastructure, you will obtain the greatest savings and greatest benefits.


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Our Central Management System (CMS) platform uses street lighting infrastructure to communicate data via nodes attached to the luminaire, allowing you to control a portfolio of city and highway assets. The vast array of data that can be captured and reported means our customers are able to make intelligent decisions about how they manage their asset portfolio, enabling them to save energy, increase safety and reduce their maintenance costs.

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Traffic adaptive lighting for streets and highways

We help County Councils save energy and reduce light pollution without compromising road safety.

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Stairway dynamic lighting for rail stations

We help First Group improve the flow of passengers through stairways and reduce slips, trips and falls.

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Traffic planning for better air quality

We help the City of London make informed decisions on road planning to improve urban air quality.

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Concrete road condition monitoring

We help Highways England maintain concrete roads and pavements with integrated condition and traffic monitoring.

Recent Projects

Advanced standards-based technologies, built to last

Urban Control only works with technology leaders in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). We are committed to industry standards in all our solutions to ensure longevity and interoperability.

Distributed Energy Management Solutions3

Itron Wi-SUN platform

Itron offers a standards-based (Wi-Sun, TALQ), robust and scalable platform with military-grade data encryption and utility-scale network and data management.

The Itron platform manages over 3 million streetlights worldwide enables savings in energy consumption.

It lets you monitor, manage and control your connected assets in real time as well as proactively alert users of issues that arise in the field such as lamp failures, location changes or power supply failure.
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Terrago field apps

TerraGo’s StreetOps platform delivers customised field-proven applications.

With over 2 million streetlights under management and trusted by the world’s leading cities  including the City of London and Glasgow, TerraGo StreetlightOps accelerates savings and lowers costs with a clear, measurable ROI.

Beezeelinx platform

Beezeelinx is Urban Control’s partner for IoT solutions incorporating a large variety of sensors and devices beyond the realm of streetlighting. The Beezeelinx platform provides the flexibility to implement use cases where local area networks make more sense and it enables Urban Control to configure bespoke platforms for our customers. The extreme scalability of the Beezeelinx platform makes it possible to implement even small scale solutions, which is valuable if there is no existing streetlighting platform or no possibility to build on top of the existing platform.

Porto Innovation Centre

Our innovation centre in Porto develops customer-led solutions using the latest in IoT devices, industrial IoT (IIoT) networks, artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technologies.

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