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Urban Control confirms cyber security status with Cyber Essentials certification

After a rigorous systems audit, Urban Control has been awarded the Cyber Essentials accreditation by the UK Government's National Cyber Security Centre.

A proactive and expert approach to cyber security is important for any business. For companies like Urban Control, providing systems embedded in the fabric of smart infrastructure in the UK, it is essential. It's for this reason that many government contracts require Cyber Essentials certification.

At Urban Control, we believe that smart connected infrastructure has the power to simultaneously improve people's lives, save money and reduce our climate impact. But customers from local authorities to transport operators know that these benefits can only be realised if the systems employed have the longevity that comes from recognised standards.

So it's no surprise that customers are increasingly writing standards into their smart infrastructure contracts. Cyber security is part of this change, but we are also seeing a positive move to standards in wireless networks, cloud platforms and sensor devices. It's a great sign of growing maturity in the industry.


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